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French Classes

Beginning and intermediate French lessons. Classes are taught by Jill Flyer who has a Master’s Degree in French from the University of Illinois.  The lessons will teach you useful and relevant phrases for contemporary living, things that you might actually want to learn how to say.  If someone is going to France and wants to learn some travel language, that can be included also. Pronunciation is stressed, because it doesn’t matter how much grammar you know, if people cannot understand you. We try to keep the grammar and memorization to a minimum, when possible (!) and to find fun ways to learn.

French Classes Detail

  • Start in the summer and/or fall (more info to follow)

  • Minimum of 5 students to start a session.

  • Cost is $600 pesos for a 5-week session

    • cost of book is extra

    • payment is due at the first class

    • classes will progress, from month to month, (i.e. we  won’t go back to the beginner lessons each month) as long as there are 5 people who want to continue.   

  • Private classes are always available at $220 pesos per hour.

Jill Flyer

Phone: 011-52-376-766-3025
Ajijic / Lake Chapala, Mexico
Se habla español; On parle français; English spoken

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