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Jill Flyer was invited to write an article for the online magazine, "Life as a Human", which appeared in the March 19, 2014 issue. The article, accompanied by several of Jill's recent photos, focused on her photographic life and how she has progressed throughout the years.  It also links to some information about her photography classes and tours. The following is an excerpt, but Click Here to read the Entire Article 

"My Dad taught me how to draw when I was 5 years old and I took lessons at the children’s art school at the Art Institute of Chicago. I never felt that I could be a good artist, but when I started photographing, I decided that I could be an excellent photographer.  I looked at hundreds of photo books, magazines and exhibits.  I think studying other people’s work helps you decide what is a good photograph and what is not and what kind of photographer you want to be."

Flash Tennis is a Mexican tennis magazine.  It is primarily an online magazine (and gets thousands of “hits” per day) and there are 10,000 paper editions that are inserted into one of the large Sunday papers in Mexico City.

This is an article about the American/Canadian retired tennis community in the Lake Chapala area.The article is geared towards tourists and lists many places—restaurants, boutiques, galleries, sights, etc.--- that tourists can visit in their stay in the area.

The article was written in English and then translated into Spanish (with my corrections). The photos are all mine.

Articles starts on Page 6.

Flash Tennis Article, Click HERE!

Jill Flyer

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Ajijic / Lake Chapala, Mexico
Se habla español; On parle français; English spoken

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