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Photography Class

I have an exciting new schedule of photographic opportunities in the coming months.  First, a series of full day seminars on Wednesdays, as follows:

  • Travel Photography, January 29th, capturing the essence of a place

  • Landscape Photography, February 5th

  • Color Photography, February 12th, how to make color interesting

  • Black & White Photography, February 19th, seeing in black and white

  • Portrait Photography, February 26th, the art of portraiture

  • Basics of Photography, March 5th, Managing and Understanding Your Camera  

Each seminar will take around 5-6 hours and cost $250 pesos.  Take 2 seminars for $225 each and 3 for $200 each.  Each participant will receive one free 2014 calendar of my photos (value $140p).

Participants will meet at my house and discuss the basic elements of the class and then proceed to an appropriate site to shoot, returning again to my house to review and critique everyone’s photos (projected on a large screen TV).

Sundays will be devoted to Photo/Workshop tours of the area. 

Tour costs are $100 U.S. dollars per day plus $20 for each additional person after the second person.  Learn as much or as little about photography and your camera as you wish.  Each participant will also receive one free 2014 calendar. 

The tour dates are:         

  • Guadalajara, February 2nd

  • Tequila, February 9th

  • Tonala, February 16th (half day tour)

  • Mezcala and Mezcala Island, February 23rd

  • Tlaquepaque, March 2nd (half day tour)

  • Tlajomulco, Santa Cruz de Flores, San Juan Evagelista & the studio of Martin Ibarra,  March 9th

Finally,  Luis Mancera McComick (of Quattro) and I are again shooting weddings and events.  We shoot simultaneously to assure that there are not equipment failures nor illness which would be disastrous for the wedding or event.  I actually have seen contracts that give the photographer an "out" for those reasons. Can you believe that? After all, can you redo a wedding because the photographer has a problem?

Also, with two people shooting, you are assured of not missing important shots and can get different angles of the same scene.   When one is shooting a distance shot, the other can focus in on a portrait.   

And, with our expertise in adjusting and enhancing photos, we guarantee beautiful photos of your wedding or event.  

For further information, respond to this email or call Jill at 766-3025

Oct 30, Nov 6, 13, 20 and Dec 4th (no class the week of Thanksgiving).

Portrait Photography. How to photograph, what to photograph, where to photograph, what clothing to wear, what kind of background is good, both formal and informal portraits. This is good for both trying to make artful portraits or just make the photos better that people take of family and friends.

Because a good part of the art of portraiture is adjusting and enhancing the photos later, there will be 2 classes in basic Photoshop. Thus, 3 classes of portraiture, 2 classes to adjust in Photoshop = 5 classes in total (1 1/2 hours each class).

Total cost is $600 pesos.

Dates are Oct 30, Nov 6, 13, 20 and Dec 4th (no class the week of Thanksgiving).

Contact me if you are interested, with either your email and/or phone number and I'll get back to you within a couple of days.

Photography and Photoshop Classes / July 10th thru August 14th

Learn the basics of photography and Photoshop in a special 6 week class taught by Jill Flyer.  You will learn how to operate your camera, both in automatic and in manual modes.  There will also be  compositional exercises “in the field” to stimulate your innate creativity.  In Photoshop you will learn all of the necessary preliminary tools so that you can adjust your photos.  You can learn to do simple enhancements to family and travel photos or you can explore doing some more complicated creative art.

The classes will be held in a convenient location in Mirasol and will cost only $600 pesos for the entire 6 week session.  Classes will be held Wednesdays at 2 p.m., from July 10th thru August 14th.  There will be a minimum of 5 students necessary to hold a class.

For more information on this particular class, including payment and directions, write to Jill at or call at 766-3025.

This is a popular 5 week photography course taught by professional photographer Jill Flyer. Her work is shown here at Lakeside and in other areas of Mexico, as well as in the United States.

Material covered in the classes includes:

    1. How to operate your camera and all its options

    2. Understanding of how cameras work via apertures and shutters

    3. How to use manual controls on a camera (most cameras have override manual controls). When to use your automatic settings and when to use manual controls.

    4. How to shoot a moving subject

    5. Discussion of lenses and megapixels

    6. Compositional exercises in the field, how to get those creative shots

    7. Discussions of lighting, indoor and out, & the use of tripods

Join the photography class and find out everything you need to know to take quality photos, how to use your own camera and to take well balanced and creative compositions. And if you want to further develop that creative side, join the Photoshop class. It will not only help you adjust your photos to make them better but also to give you the tools so that you can use your imagination to create beautiful images.

Classes are bilingual, English and Spanish

If you want further information, call Jill at 766-3025 or write her at

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Jill Flyer

Phone: 011-52-376-766-3025
Ajijic / Lake Chapala, Mexico
Se habla español; On parle français; English spoken

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