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Photography Class

Photography and Photoshop Classes

Jill Flyer, award winning photographer, gives classes in Basic Photography, Portraiture, Travel Photography and Photoshop. She also gives private lessons as well as class lessons.  

Basic, Basic, Basic.  For those who know almost nothing about photography or cameras and want to know how cameras work, how to shoot smarter and get great photos. Learn to control light because if your photos are lit properly you will get great photos. This class is 2 hours stretched over 2 days.

Portrait Photography.  This class is for anyone, from amateur to advanced, who want to better capture and enhance portraits of family, friends or art & travel photos. This is NOT studio portraiture. We will be learning and critiquing great photos and learning some different effects and poses to try out in class and out of class. This is a 6 hour class stretched over 3 days.

Basic Photoshop. When you have learned the basics of taking great photos, you need to learn how to make simple and/or complex adjustments so that these photos really “pop” and become more artistic. This class is 3 hours, stretched over 3 days.

To teach Photoshop, Jill projects the images from her computer onto a large screen TV so everyone can see what she is doing.  Students can bring their laptops and follow along with the projected image.

Don’t forget also about Jill’s Photo Workshop/Tours, a day’s trip to interesting locations in this area and into Guadalajara. For more information on tours and classes (location, enrollment, etc.) and how to get Photoshop installed on your laptop.

Please call or write to find out when the next class is, and the cost, or when you can schedule a private lesson:
(376) 766-3025

Classes are bilingual, English and Spanish

If you want further information, call Jill at 766-3025 or write her at

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Jill Flyer

Phone: 011-52-376-766-3025
Ajijic / Lake Chapala, Mexico
Se habla español; On parle français; English spoken

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